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Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speech 1 - Oct. 7, 2013 (Mon.)

The Impact of open access on academic publishing in learning technology

Prof. Nick Rushby
Editor, The British Journal of Educational Technology
E-Mail: bjeteditor@wiley.com, nick.rushby@conation-technologies.co.uk
7 October 2013, 9:20-10:20             Hill1, H Resort

Abstract of Speech
The traditional model of academic journal publishing in which the process is paid for by library subscriptions and pay-per-view charges, is undergoing radical change by the introduction of open access schemes. Government funding agencies and foundations across Europe (and particularly in the United Kingdom) argue that the outcomes of publicly funded research should be freely available to the public (including academics and researchers). They propose that the costs of publication should come instead from the project funds. While this argument has considerable merit (particularly for research in science, technology, engineering and medicine), it also has potential unintended consequences that may be disastrous for journals and learned societies in the humanities and social sciences. This paper will take a deeper look at an issue that is not generally well understood within the learning technology research community and explore how it may change the way in which we publish our research into web-based learning - indeed perhaps, whether we will be able to publish it in the ways that we want to.


Nick Rushby has been working in the area of educational and training technology for over 40 years. Following a first degree in Electronic Engineering, he gained his postgraduate Diploma from Imperial College in Computer Science, specialising in artificial intelligence applications in computer assisted learning. During his career he has coordinated projects for the National Development Programme in Computer Assisted Learning, directed an international information centre for the use of computers in education and training, led multimedia training activities for PA Consulting Group, and headed the engineering team developing a novel web-based multimedia advertising system for airports and subway environments. He has worked with a wide variety of clients in most business sectors and at all levels of their organisations including consulting at board level. He has edited a number of books and journals including Programmed Learning and Educational Technology, Interactive Learning International, and since 1993, The British Journal of Educational Technology.



Keynote Speech 2 - Oct. 8, 2013 (Tue.)

What do we know about mobile learning? Critical syntheses and meta-analyses on the research of last two decades.

Prof. Yao-Ting Sung 
Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling
National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan
E-Mail: sungtc@ntnu.edu.tw
8 October 2013, 9:20-10:20             Hill1, H Resort

Abstract of Speech
Despite the popularity of using mobile devices in formal and informal learning environments, scarce research addresses the current status of mobile learning, including scope, methods, participants, devices, effects, trends…, etc. In this presentation, based on the empirical mobile learning studies published in journals during the previous last two decades (1993-2012), using the methods of critical syntheses and meta-analyses, I will provide a comprehensive and deep examination on the status-quo and trend of development of mobile learning.   

Dr. Yao-Ting Sung is chair-professor at National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, where he teaches and conducts research in educational psychology, computer-assisted learning, and assessment. He is also the director of the Research Center of Psychological and Educational Testing, which is responsible for the national entrance examination for senior high schools and vocational high schools in Taiwan. The research center is a professional measurement institute that develops psychological and educational tests and national standardized tests, such as the Basic Competence Test for Junior High School students. He also directs research teams that study mobile learning, automated evaluation of text readability, computerized diagnostic assessments and career assessments. Dr. Sung’s research and practices contribute to the fields of e-learning and assessment, and he has received numerous prestigious research awards in Taiwan, including the National Science Council’s award for outstanding research. Dr. Sung is now the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Research in Education Sciences, and is also the editor of two popular book series published in Taiwan: e-Learning series and Chinese Language Learning Sciences series.