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Registration fees

  • Early registration fee (before July 6*/29**, 2013): 500 USD / 15,000 NTD
  • Late registration fee (after July 6*/29**, 2013): 550 USD / 16,500 NTD
  • Extra copy of conference / workshop proceedings: 65 USD / 1,950 NTD
  • Extra charge(per page): 75 USD / 2,250 NTD (maximum 2 additional pages for full papers and 1 additional page for short papers)
  • Extra welcome reception ticket: 50 USD / 1,500 NTD
  • Extra banquet ticket: 50 USD / 1,500 NTD

  *   for conference paper(s)
  ** for workshop paper(s)


>> Registration form <<

>> Non-Author Registration form <<

Please note:

  1. For conference paper authors, you need to make the full registration by July 6, 2013.
  2. For workshop paper authors and non-paper authors, you need to make the full registration by July 29, 2013.
  3. Full registration includes admission to all conference and workshop sessions, the conference / workshop proceedings, welcome reception, coffee breaks, lunches, a technical tour, a banquet and a round-trip transportation between Kaohsiung and Kenting.
  4. Each paper must be accompanied with at least one full registration. If you have multiple accepted papers, each paper must have a separate full registration. Otherwise the paper will not be included in the ICWL2013 technical program and proceedings. Please also note that the page length limit is 10 pages. Extra pages will incur extra page charges.
  5. You can pay with the following alternatives: credit card in NTD or bank transfer in USD.
  6. Once we have processed your signed registration form, we will send you an email to confirm your registration status and the total amount that we have charged you, provided that the email address you put down in the registration form is functioning.
  7. You can pick up the official receipt for the registration during the conference.
  8. If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact us at  icwl2013_registration@mail.tajen.edu.tw.